HeartBeat Heartrate Zone Workout App

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Workout Zones

Use your heart rate workout zones to help you track how you're doing during exercise.

Apple Watch

The companion Watch app provides you with workout sessions that give you live feedback on your heart rate and calorie burn.

Workout Goals

Set and monitor your workout goals such as calorie burn and workout duration.

How can it help me?

Look what HeartBeat has to offer your workout
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How can it help me?

Look what HeartBeat has to offer your workout


Look back over the past 90 days to see your overall progress and drill down into each workout.

Heart Rate Analysis

See your daily heart rate stats for resting heart rate and heart rate variability, two indicators of overall heart health.

Workout Analysis

Look how you you did over the course of the workout with a heartrate graph for the duration as well as information on energy burned.


Further the free functionality of the app with premium features such as maximum heart rate test and workout programs.

Apple Watch Workouts

Use the companion Apple Watch app with inbuilt workouts to track and record your progress. Haptic feedback notifies you when you change workout zones with current calorie burn and heartrate displayed on-screen.

Health App Integration

Workout data from other app's can be used within HeartBeat giving you an overview of all your workouts. Your workout information contributes to your health rings and sync's with the Apple Health app.

Workout Zones

We calculate your workout zones from your resting heartrate and use this during your workout to notify you how your doing. Zones are broken down into very light, light, moderate, hard and maaxium with each zone designated its own colour.

Workout Goals

You can set workout goals allowing you to see your progress throughout the week. The home screen breaks down your last 7 days and indicates how close you are to your goal through a traffic light colour system.

Check Out The Watch App

The HeartBeat companion watch app includes workout zone feedback and live calorie burn throughout your workout.

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Max Heart Rate Test

We've built a maximum heart rate test on the companion watch app to help you get a real world value for your training zones. This is available as a premium feature within the app.

Interval Workouts

The companion watch app has a feature allowing you to set your workout up for interval training. You specify workout length, rest periods and workout periods and the app will notify you when you change from rest to workout.

Recovery Check

Resting heart rate can be a good indication of your heart health and fitness but also can indicate whether or not your fully recovered. The watch app as a feature that indicates whether you should train based on your resting heart rate.

Training Programs

Just launched you can now get access to our premium workout programs allowing you to utilise the functionality of the free watch functions. There are programs for base fitness, endurance and speed/power, with focus on cycling and running.